20 Crucial Points to understand the Council of Citizens

20 Crucial Points to understand the Council Of Citizens

Download 20 Crucial Points: 20 Crucial Points in Arabic and English

  1. All humans want to survive
  2. Survival of humans requires that they gather and accumulate resources
  3. Force or Power acquired by accumulating resources, will give a certain person more chances to survive
  4. Resources are limited, the fact that creates competition on gathering and accumulating those resources
  5. Fights or wars are mainly driven by the aim of domination and power accumulation
  6. All major conflicts of the past were mainly fights over power
  7. Power and resources or power from resources can be shared. Yet, major historical examples showed that few number of people (Called Elite or leaders of the packs, or Alpha dogs) and their closest allies/partners were by different levels, sharing those resources, leaving the majority of people with little or nothing and in many cases using the majority of people to enjoy on their expense
  8. Problems in today’s world are no different… Elite or Pack leaders or alpha dogs, are competing to gain more power (authority), authority achieved by:
    1. People’s subjection and submission and/or
    2. The ability to decide on a certain number of people and/or
    3. The ability to mobilize and to drive a certain number of people in order for them to gain more power (force)
  9. The concept of separation of powers proved to be successful in ending monarchies and autocracies, yet a new form of power accumulation and power misuse is currently taking place and getting legitimacy by elections and similar practices (thus, people’s submission) and it is very similar to oligarchy yet it is disguised by the democratic dress or people’s decision illusion.
  10. Ruling Elites in almost all countries of the world are currently holding power(authority and force) and misusing it and using it to their own benefits
  11. Those facts are not new and people in the last century were able to identify those facts and sometimes were successful in finding a way to win over it…
  12. Yet and as history reveals, no one was able to escape the dangerous trap of power misuse and because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, a place like the soviet union that was built because of the sacrifices of the poor and the helpless could not escape the accumulation of power in the hands of the few and could not but become an absolute dictatorship, so suffering continued in different names.
  13. All major revolutions and conflicts of the past centuries could not but be driven by men and women who became cult leaders… cult leaders are dangerous because they make people followers and they can use the influence they get over those people to accumulate power thus repeating the cycle of misuse of power.
  14. People can become weapons (in fact the ultimate weapon), an ignorant person is sometimes as powerful as an educated person in becoming a weapon and both can be fooled to become tools in the hands of the few.
  15. Here we can identify three major problems that the majority of people in this century will face :
    1. Lack of resources
    2. Ignorance and naivety
    3. Misuse of power
  16. In the beginning of the last century those same problems existed but they were called:
    1. Poverty
    2. Illiteracy
    3. Imperialism
  17. Knowing the above mentioned, we can anticipate that the knowledge some people have for example and which makes them Foolnessproof and Followerproof if were systematically gathered can be easily diffused, spread and acquired. Even easier than it was to teach reading and writing in the past century.
  18. If we managed to warn people about misuse of power and created new institutions For knowledge diffusion, people gathering, power accumulation monitoring and struggles managing. Build institutions ruled by a system that prevents power accumulation in the hands of the few and cult leadership, do you imagine what could happen?
  19. To gain power you need to (one or many):
    1. Accumulate resources
    2. Gain influence
    3. Gather forces
  20. We can create a new Elite, where we gather forces, knowledge and resources to gain more influence and achieve our collective interest… but we can do more, in the age of Nano Technology and communication revolution, we can end once and for all: power misuse, not by making everyone powerless but by identifying and knowing what is weakness and eradicating it.

To know how we think this can happen, please check the following:
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