Mourning Liberties in Lebanon

Mourning Liberties in Lebanon

3 days Hunger Strike & Blogs appear in Black

To all the People of Good Will in Lebanon,

After Yesterday’s Press Conference of Minister Elias El Murr and his clear statement that the army will be taking into custody every journalist who writes something against the army,
We, Bloggers, Journalists and Human Rights Activists, condemn the armitazation of the Lebanese nation and the severe trespassing of the judicial authorities, the only authorities that have the right to hold into custody, question, and punish any human being in Lebanon,
Therefore and in objection to those illegal and immoral violations of our human rights,
we call upon all the people of good will to mourn for three days on liberties in Lebanon as a symbolic action to condemn this very dangerous attempt to target our freedoms,
We also believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves against defamation and especially the army. However, we refuse that the army takes its rights by its own hands.
Mourning starts today at 16:00 Beirut local time and continues three days until Sunday the 15th of August, 2010 also at 16:00
We also invite you to contribute in this mourning by closing your blogs and placing the black mourning picture that you can find through the following Facebook Page:
You can also participate by joining the hunger strike that will last for 3 days (24 hours each person)

Please confirm your participation by joining the group and informing us:

The Human Rights Force [;-;] The Human Rights Media [;-;] The Human Rights Congress [;-;] The Human Rights Prosecutor Office (Citizens Protector) [;-;] The Human Rights and Strategic Nonviolent Struggle Academy [;-;]

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